cane corso italiano

How to socialize a Cane Corso Italiano Mastiff dog

The socialization process of Cane Corso italiano dogs is very important.
We are talking about a breed that often reaches 60 and sometimes up to sixty and some kilos in an adult male specimen. Therefore, it has to have an impressive socialization to be with the family and children and not have any problem when it comes to integrate with people who are at home.

cane corso italiano
cane corso italiano

The cane corso puppies and the family
There are many things to work on in the age that the puppy has from birth to 4 months to have that super cane corso with the family and children. We have our puppy park, where we work on all the situations, textures, so that the puppy, when it arrives to a new home, will have a spectacular attitude and in the future will have an impressive temperament and character.

There are four very important things to consider when buying a cane corso puppy. The most important would be that you pay a lot of attention to the health of the cane corso and also very important is the temperament and character of your puppy at this moment the health is a very important part when deciding to have our cane corso puppy.
In Cane Corso X-MAN we have been working with the line of the world champion for me the living legend of the cane corso and x-men our world champion ex men gives us a quality puppies and an impressive health.

Cane corso puppies for sale in Fargo, United States

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